About the Jewelry & Designer

The Designs

Enamorata, a fine jewelry brand, creates high quality pieces that are much more than accessories. Inspired by powerful imagery, Surita designs camouflaged armor for the wearer. Each piece has a much deeper personal meaning. They are unconventional talismans for the dreamers and warriors in each of us.



Our jewelry is handcrafted on the West Coast with attention to detail and with immense pride in workmanship in order to be enjoyed daily and for generations to come.  ​Each piece is made in solid 18 karat gold with VS clarity diamonds.  

About the designer

Surita began dreaming of becoming a designer at the age of five years old but her journey took her down a long, winding road before it became a reality. After graduating from University of California at Santa Cruz with a degree in sociology that had an emphasis in law, she was given an incredible opportunity to work as part of a select team of investigators on a high profile case for the Federal Defenders Office. The intensity of the case proved to be challenging and Surita used sketching and painting as an escape. After the trial ended, she wanted to make a change and spent some time working in the finance industry before taking a chance on the career she had been dreaming about. Thanks to a well-timed layoff and the encouragement of a friend, Enamorata became a reality in 2001. From there she went from crafting beaded necklaces, which she found limiting, to apprenticing and taking courses to become a metalsmith. Since then Surita has been designing the jewelry that was trapped in her mind‘s eye. Her fundamental inspiration is enchanted worlds because they serve as hope- a place where imagination has no bounds. The powerful images therein which depict the extraordinary strength and warmth of the human spirit have inspired her collections. Even after spending many years dreaming and working to be a designer Surita continues to feel inspired and passionate. The joy of creating meaningful pieces for clients keeps growing and she keeps pushing her vision forward.