Enamorata designer Surita Ghosh  

About the Designer

Surita dreamt of becoming an artist since she was five years old, but her journey took her down a long, winding road before it became a reality. She found her medium in high school when she had her first opportunity to design a piece for her sister’s wedding.  Her mother wanted to pass on an ornate necklace handed down during her own wedding, but recognized that rarely would there be an occasion for her daughter to wear it.  Surita was thrilled to redesign the necklace into a piece her sister would cherish and wear. The experience instilled in her a deep appreciation for jewelry as wearable art and a durable legacy.  She expressed to her parents her desire to pursue a career in jewelry design.  Being from a traditional East Indian family of engineers, her parents encouraged her to continue to develop her talent, but requested she hone her other capabilities so she would have a secure foundation.  Her academic career led to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with an emphasis in law.

Upon graduating from University of California at Santa Cruz, she was hired as part of a team of investigators on a capital trial for the Federal Defenders Office. After the trial ended, she recognized she didn't possess the nerves of steel necessary for criminal law.  Her father had taught her how to invest at a young age and it was the height of the tech boom in Silicon Valley.  She applied her skills and gained a solid foundation in finance by securing a position as a research analyst in the IPO division of CSFB Technology Group. A well-timed layoff in conjunction with the encouragement from her best friend allowed Surita to finally bring her dream to fruition in 2001. Her personal ideology of passion being the driving force behind a meaningful, fulfilling life led her to name her company Enamorata.

From there, she went from painstakingly crafting graduated color sapphire and garnet necklaces, to apprenticing and taking courses to become a metalsmith. Surita spent years traveling extensively throughout India to study the craft of master goldsmiths specializing in intricate techniques handed down through generations.  Enchanted by the rich hues and timeless allure of gemstones, her inquisitive nature led her to expand her knowledge and began her life as a gem collector. 

Since then, Surita has been designing the jewelry which has been trapped in her mind's eye. Her designs showcase her passion for exquisite colored gemstones and an eye for intricate details.  Her jewelry is recognizable for its ethereal fluidity with a distinct edge: the duality of the dreamer and the warrior.  Surita and her talented team of lapidary artists and goldsmiths take pride in creating meaningful, timeless pieces of jewelry to be worn and cherished by generations of discerning individuals.  Every piece of Enamorata jewelry is meticulously crafted in California.

Surita is a Bay Area native and lives in Northern California with her beloved, loyal Rottweiler.



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