Enamorata designer Surita Ghosh

The Designs


Enamorata is a fine jewelry brand designed for the discerning, self-confident woman. The pieces are unconventional talismans designed to inspire the dreamer and warrior within each of us.  The name means to "inspire with love".  Enamorata is a labor of love created by designer Surita Ghosh.



Our jewelry is handcrafted in California with attention to detail and with immense pride in workmanship in order to be enjoyed daily and for generations to come.  ​Each piece is made in solid 18 karat gold with ideal cut, VS clarity diamonds and carefully selected gemstones.  


About the Designer

Surita dreamed of becoming an artist since she was five years old, but her journey took her down a long, winding road before it became a reality. After graduating from University of California at Santa Cruz, she was given an incredible opportunity to work as part of a select team of investigators on a high profile trial for the Federal Defenders Office. Surita used sketching and painting as an escape from the gravity of the case. After the trial ended she wanted to make a change, so she applied her skills as an assistant research analyst in the IPO division at an investment banking firm. Thanks to a well-timed layoff and the encouragement from a friend, she brought her dream of being a jewelry designer to life.  Enamorata became a reality in 2001.
From there she went from crafting beaded necklaces, which she found limiting, to apprenticing and taking courses to become a metalsmith. Since then, Surita has been designing the jewelry that has been trapped in her mind's eye. Her collections are inspired by the duality of darkness and light.  Her designs are an extension of her core belief: our lives have boundless possibilities as long as we believe in the power of our dreams.  Her jewelry is recognizable for its ethereal fluidity with a distinct edge.  Surita finds great joy in creating meaningful pieces for her clients which uplift and inspire.


Surita is a Bay Area native and lives in Northern California with her beloved and trusty Rottweiler.